Teresa Daum, M.S., CCC-SLP

Physical Therapists in Northeast Nebraska, Southeast South Dakota

Teresa Daum, M.S., CCC-SLP has been working with Overland Rehabilitation since January 2012 following 16 years in management at FRHS and 4 years prior to that at Immanuel Rehab Center after graduation. 

Rehabilitation services are a critical link for patients who experience difficulties following an injury or illness. Speech/Language Pathology services are a vital part of the recovery and restoration of skills needed to successfully function in many day-to-day activities we take for granted, such as answering the phone or taking a medication with a drink of liquid. Teresa’s goal as an Overland Rehabilitation therapist is to offer patients the ability to achieve maximal function in the day to day tasks of living when it involves speaking, understanding, and swallowing.

Following graduation with a Masters of Science in Speech/Language Pathology from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and licensed by the State of Nebraska and Certified by the American Speech/Language and Hearing Association for 26 years, Teresa’s passion arises from the desire to assist patients in recovery, training and educating for all those involved in their care along the way. The SLP field remains so fulfilling due to the varied populations, diseases, disorders to provide an impact on, for example stroke, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s, tracheotomy, head and neck cancers, voice disorders, and many more. Being versed in conducting Modified Barium Swallow studies alongside radiology staff at Osmond General Hospital and Antelope Memorial Hospital, Teresa services individuals locally with most advanced assessment of their swallowing abilities.       

Being focused on small town quality care, Teresa travels from her home in the northeast Nebraska town of Battle Creek to each of Overland Rehabilitation sites, striving to provide consistent, high quality, experienced speech/language pathology care in rural Nebraska. 

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